Community Development

We are thankful for the following Partners who have partnered with us to provide resources and opportunities for God to build His Kingdom in our community!

Mill Community Ministries – Youth Employment

We are an ally partner with Mill Village Ministries to create job opportunities for neighborhood teenagers.  This summer is our second year sharing resources and employing teens.  We will be employing a Mill Village Teen as one of our Summer Camp workers.  We are extremely grateful for our partnership with Mill Village Ministries!

Greenville County Schools – Summer Camp

We are very thankful to Greenville County Schools for their partnership with our summer children’s programming.  GCS provides healthy, nutritious lunches for any child 18 and under who shows up to our church between 11am-12noon.  We provide programming, which includes fun & games, as well as math & reading practice.  Without the generosity of GCS, we could not afford to feed these children and teens.  We are very grateful for GCS!  Check out our Summer Camp Page!

SC District of the Wesleyan Church – Immigrant Connection

Many pastors and individuals throughout the SC District (& the District itself) have supported our efforts to establish an Immigrant Connection.  The District provided the necessary funding and encouragement to make this a reality.


For further information about Community Development, please check out the following websites and books:

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When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

Toxic Charity by Robert Lupton